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-Home-Sub Head-1200 x 85

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Associated Consulting Technicians, LLC is a leading consulting specialist providing a portfolio of professional support services to the construction industry. At ACT, we focus on assisting our clients in successfully managing their companies, construction programs and projects as well as analyzing and resolving disputes on projects that are inherent within the construction industry.

ACT offers construction professionals with diverse specialties and a common dedication to excellence. Our primary objective is to insure that our clients’ construction projects are completed successfully, profitably and with minimum of risk – through the control of time, cost and quality.

We recognize the constantly changing environment of the construction industry and the need to tailor programs to meet individual clients’ needs. We are uniquely qualified to offer:

• CPM Scheduling

• Schedule Analysis

• Cost and Time Entitlement

• Construction Cost Quantification

• Damage Quantification

• Data Management

• Labor Productivity Analysis

• Mediation and Facilitated Negotiations

• Graphics and Demonstrative Evidence

• Litigation Support

• Expert Testimony

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